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Lost Holiday zine

Lost Holiday, a hand made A5 zine features photographs from the project 'Lost Holiday'.

The concept for 'Lost Holiday' was to document the town, business, and people who had been affected by the lack of tourism due to the lockdown. I wanted to capture the images early in the morning, not just because the light is aesthetically beautiful, but as a kid, I remember when I first visited Burnham on holiday, waking up early, full of excitement as the sunrose. This memory I had of Burnham made me wonder how the juxtaposition would look if I made the same images I remember but during a pandemic.

In this zine, I explore the relationship I have with my hometown but also how those who were most affected by the lockdown dealt with one of the most trying times in UK history. A mixture of landscapes, urban environments, and portraiture makes up the bulk of this body of work. I felt this best displayed the emotive eeriness which is felt in a summer town with no tourists.